What’s New July 2017? Earn Money In Our Community, Personal Stories, and More

July 2017 is going to be very special. I want to give you a heads up on the new changes taking place in the coming month.

When I started this blog, it was with the intention of providing value while making the lives of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder easier. When I was first diagnosed 17 years ago, in January of 2000, I knew I had an uphill battle and I needed to find ways to keep moving forward. The greatest gift was the knowledge I gained, and I’m now able to help others living with bipolar disorder in different areas. For example, throughout the 17+ years living with bipolar disorder, these were the biggest challenges for me – work, relationships, support, and learning to live with bipolar

With this knowledge, I’m able to help those in similar situations. So, here’s what you can expect to find on my blog in July 2017.

Paid Community

Over the last month or so, I’ve been experimenting with a support community. I’ve been working with a group of people living with bipolar disorder building my community. This community will be opened to all of you in July 2017. It will strictly cover questions and reviews on medications. Why? Because when I was first diagnosed that’s all I cared about. I wanted to find the right medication for myself and asked questions about each one too. The BipolarDigest Community will be broken down into medications where you can leave a review, ask questions, and/or post trending news. I’ll post a common question on my blog, answer it, and then leave it in the community for all of you to provide your thoughts.

Every week and at the end of each month, there will be prizes in the form of cash for those contributing to the community. The selection criteria for winners will be posted in the community. Weekly prizes range from $25.00-$50.00, and monthly from $100.00-$200.00. The number of winners will depend on how many people contribute and how many new members joined each month.

This community will be awesome and will provide great support to everyone with bipolar disorder. Think about it, you’ll hear from people who’ve  just been diagnosed to others living with it for several years. It’s a way to connect all types of people (newly diagnosed or living with bipolar for years) so you can find the support you need to manage bipolar.

This is a paid community because I want to compensate you for your effort. It’s a great way for those people not able to work to make money for participating.

Personal Stories

As your aware, two weeks ago I started collecting personal stories from people who were interested in sharing. I want to thank all of you who took the time to write your story and for submitting it. I will start publishing them in the first week of July 2017. These people have been living with bipolar disorder and share their experience. So far, they’ve been insightful, providing a glimpse into the struggle people face when living with bipolar disorder. However, the stories have been inspirational too because each one is a beacon of hope for everyone else. With that said,

I will create a new section on my blog called “Personal Stories” and publish them on a weekly basis. You can leave comments, and ask questions too. It’s a way to find out more about the person or get support for yourself. If you’re interested in sharing your story, please visit my Personal Story page.

Each person who submitted a personal story will be paid upon publishing. They will also be paid on a monthly basis depending on engagement. More information can be found on the payment structure on my Personal Story page.

BipolarDigest Newsletter

Many of you have joined my newsletter, but haven’t received one, and that’s because I haven’t been sending them. I want to apologize because a lot has been going on in my life and I’m trying to manage this blog at the same time. However, I’ll make more of a conscious effort in keeping all of you posted through my newsletter (if you’re a subscriber) next month. Next,

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Final Thoughts

That’s it! These are the changes taking place right now.

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Please share your thoughts 🙂


Helping others beat bipolar disorder. After living with Bipolar for over 16 years, I have self-educated myself to come up with creative ways to live a normal productive life. It`s time to give back by helping others transform!