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Heartbreaking Life Advice From 27-Year-Old Cancer Victim Goes Viral

Each day is truly a blessing. I sometimes forget and was reminded after reading this letter. I’ve shared it so all of you can read it and truly know how lucky you are. When living with Bipolar Disorder, we think of ourselves as having nothing and fail to appreciate how lucky we are.

This letter was written by a young cancer victim Holly Butcher. She was 27 years old :(. Here’s her letter in her own words…

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How These 15 Small Things Make Me a Happier Person

I’m always looking for inspiration, something that keeps me growing and moving forward. Several years back, after my bipolar diagnosis in January 2000, it was tough because I didn’t know what to expect. Personally, I didn’t think I would ever be happy because there’s this stigma associated with someone living with bipolar. People think when someone has bipolar they are damaged goods and can’t excel at things that others are excelling at. Anyways, I’m here to tell you they are completely wrong. I’ve managed to accomplish some of my dreams and am working towards conquering others. But, for you to conquer and stay motivated, you need to find happiness in the smallest things. By doing this, you attract positive energy into your life and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Every day, I’ll do these 15 small things that give me a reason to live and truly be grateful for what I have. This works to provide the positivity I need to be happy. I want you to utilize these same awesome ways to be happy too.

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