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Jennifer Lawrence And Her Battle With Social Anxiety

Celebrities often seem to live perfect lives. They have wealth, fans, and seemingly everything they might want. Photographs pop up showcasing their travels and what they do for fun or when away from a movie set or recording studio. However, underneath all the makeup, the status and the attention, every single celebrity is, in fact, human. They deal with the same issues everyday people experience on a daily basis. Some of these issues connect directly to anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games franchise has come out in recent months to discuss her own ongoing battle with social anxiety. Unlike many other celebrities who keep their personal conditions a secret in order to maintain an ideal appearance to the outside world, Jennifer Lawrence stands as one of the few celebrities with anxiety who openly and honestly discusses her condition, how it’s affected her, and what she’s done both in the past and currently to combat her anxiety.

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