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Celebrities with Bipolar

Celebrities with Bipolar – AJ Mendez (Lee)

Welcome to another post on Celebrities with Bipolar Disorder. These stories are motivational because it shows you how bipolar doesn’t have to slow you down. It doesn’t have to stop you from conquering your goals. The celebrities I write about in these posts have either been recently diagnosed or been living with bipolar for several years. But, they have found ways to use their diagnosis to help others and push harder to conquer their dreams. I want you to do the same by using these stories as inspiration.

Today, we’ll be exploring AJ Mendez, or better known as AJ Lee. She is an American author and retired professional wrestler. She was diagnosed with bipolar in her early twenties. She had previously experienced adverse effects from a misdiagnosis of depression and overdosed on antidepressants and painkillers.

She is now an advocate for mental health working on increasing awareness.

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