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Survey Momma – Earn Money for Each Survey You Complete

I’m always looking for ways to make money from home. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I found it hard for me to settle into a job away from home. So, I started blogging online and tried to find new ways to earn money online. I’ve been freelancing for several years finding job on Problogger.com. Anyways, I want to review survey companies I’ve been introduced to over the years.

Lately, many of you have posted on my Facebook page asking for legitimate companies that allow you to complete paid surveys at home. It’s hard to know what’s legitimate and what’s not since there are so many different scams out there. I’ll be honest some are scams, but others do pay you for your opinion.

Survey Momma is a new survey company I’ve come across. They are 100% free to join. The company connects you with other survey companies that want to hear your opinion.

Additional Tips

  • When it comes to survey companies never pay to join. Most of the ones I’ve seen are FREE to join.
  • Take your time filling out the surveys. With these companies, it’s all about your opinion.
  • It’s a numbers game so the more survey’s you complete, the more you’ll earn.

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