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Seroquel And Seroquel XR Side Effects, Ratings, and Patient Comments

Earlier this week, I posted on my Facebook page asking for reviews on Seroquel and Seroquel XR (quetiapine). The feedback was overwhelming with over 30 comments posted. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was prescribed this medication for a short period before switching to Wellbutrin. The side-effects on Seroquel were too much for me to handle. You can read about my experience here.

From all the other reviews I’ve read, it seems Seroquel isn’t compatible with too many people. What’s more interesting is when you search in Google for “Seroquel”, you’ll find a lot of negative reviews. For example, the average rating given to Seroquel is 3/5, and Seroquel XR is 3.2/5. Next, based on 1432 reviews, here’s the top 5 side-effects reported…

  • 626 patients complained of Somnolence
  • 496 patients complained of Weight Gain
  • 158 patients complained of Fatigue
  • 145 patients complained of Dry Mouth
  • 105 patients complained of Lethargy

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I want to share what some people said about Seroquel and Seroquel XR. I’ve narrowed down the top 10 out of 30+ reviews left on Facebook. 🙂

Top 10 Reviews on Seroquel and Seroquel XR

“Its literally saved my life. I have bipolar type one. Used to be awake for 5-7 days straight. Also had auditory hallucinations.. I take 700mgs about 3 hours before bed. The only side effect I’ve experienced is that I’m always hungry after i take it… So I have to watch myself.” – Kathryn De Silva

“Unfortunately this one did not work well for me at all. I also take fluoxetine and promethazine. All the quetiapine did was make me put on a LOT of weight very quickly and as I’m an amputee this had implications for the fitting of my artificial leg. I’m now starting Lamotrigine at 25mg for 2 weeks, to go up to 50mg for another 2 weeks and eventually settle at 100 to 150 when stable xx” – Laura Jane

“I am on the generic for seroquel, quetiapine fumarate 100mg. I take 50mg in the morning and 150mg at night. It is my antipsychotic, also on fluoxetine 10mg for my antidepressant, and buspirone twice per day for my mood stabilizer. I have been on seroquel for 3 or 4 months so far. It causes drowsiness but it has helped balance me out for sure. I have gained 7 lbs on it. I am not sure if it makes me crave sweets at night or if that is a normal for me. When I first got on seroquel, I was taking 50mg 3 times per day. I slept a lot!! I still sleep a lot but not as much as I was in the beginning.” – Rachel Nelson

“I’m on a low dose of seroquel. I was on 100mg but it gave me terrible restless leg syndrome. My Dr told me to go down to 50 mg and that is my current dose. I haven’t had any side effects except sleepiness. I take it at night so that isn’t a problem. I’m also on neurontin for anxiety, and lexapro for depression. The seroquel is my mood stabilizer.” – Stefani Petree

“I’ve been on Serquoel XR for almost two years at night time. I found XR to more useful with the mood swings because it keeps a continuous effect {400mg}, then I have Depokate ER for in the morning {1000mg}. This combination has by far been the best, and the least amount of medication I’ve ever been on in years. The only thing I would have to say as far as any side effects is running out for more than a couple days, it causes you to dream. Weight gain hasn’t been bad, but I’m sure that’s different with everyone. Overall, I know I still have room to play with dosage if need be. After years and years of being on numerous medications and doing my own homework…bipolar disorder medications tend to work better alone.” – Jeannie Sheffield

“I was on seroquel xr for about a year. At first it was working ok. My moods were improving and I was balancing out. I was able to sleep at night. But then I started having episodes. I would get real lethargic, wouldn’t have any energy. At two points I was brought to the hospital by ambulance. Once for my blood pressure dropping to 60/40 and the second time my heart raced to over 150 to 160+ beats a minute. At this time Seroquel XR was all I was on. I weaned myself off and began feeling better. The low blood pressure happens a couple of times as well did almost passing out. It was a very scary experience and after talking with the pharmacist I found out I could have died of I continued taking the Seroquel XR.” – Anonymous

” Been on Seroquel for my c-ptsd and Bipolar helps a lot with sleep. On the Seroquel XR too that works relatively well if you’re a deep sleeper!
Bit of weight gain, hard to motivate for exercise at times, dizziness and nausea. I take 200mg + 50 mg XR at night. All meds have side effects but Seroquel really is a God sent 😊” – 
Allie Burton

” I take 600mg all at night, so it has an antipsychotic purpose. I gained a lot of weight, 80-90 lbs in a 2 year period, which was the worst side effect. If I make a mistake and take the night meds during the day it causes a lot of sedation and really inability to do anything. Yes, it works but it comes at a price.” – Elizabeth Fricano

“Oh gods…I was 15 in 1999 and I hated it. 100mg – Sleep 12 hours a day. When I was awake I had restless legs and was horny 24/7. Ended up with my oldest thanks to that one. Also made my suicidal ideation even worse. My husband was on it in 2008. 50 mg – A lot of the same issues (no suicidal ideations), and on top of the horniness, had a hard time ejaculating. Walking hard-on and blue balls to boot. *sigh*. I recommend that everyone avoid it.” – Jessica Taylor

“Terrible! I was on 400mg. It made me feel like a zombie. Was useful in helping to contain a manic episode. But when that subsided and the dosage was upped the side effects were not worth it. Crippling heart burn, constipation & weight gain. It took ages to come off it, in the end i went cold turkey which took six weeks to end the sweats, shakes and sickness.” – Anonymous

“I’m on 150 Xr. It’s been the only drug that I have found has helped me. I have been looking for 5 years for something to help with my severe depression. I noticed it start to work after a week. I had super dry mouth from it but that went away in the first week. I sleep really well on them and I feel much more stable emotionally. Mornings were difficult with the drowsiness but I got used to it. Definitely taking at the same time every day I notice it help more too. I’ve noticed a slight decline so when I checkup with my doctor we may have to change my dose to get me back to that level I was comfortable at!” – Bailey Dennis

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