Reduce Depression By 40% (In 8 Weeks) Without Prescription Medication

Every now and then I like to post news which I think will be exciting and useful. Earlier today I read this post on

Struggle with Depression? Neuroscience Says This May Reduce Symptoms by 40 Percent (in Just 8 Weeks)

I find this very interesting since a week ago, I posted my monthly goals, meditating being one of them. I watched in a documentary that meditation can reduce negative thoughts and depressive symptoms.

We all know that bipolar involves periods of manic episodes followed by periods of depressive phases. To me, it’s important I find ways to balance my mood any way I can. This article is useful in that regard, as it sheds light on what depression does to the brain. As the symptoms of depression increases, the production of new cells in the brain decreases. Therefore, depressive episodes last longer because we don’t have new cells to balance things out.

It’s a very interesting article backed up by the journal, Translational Psychiatry.

Here’s the most important idea in the article:

“The problem is what happens after aerobic exercise: a great number of new cells die just weeks after being created. And if they don’t join the brain’s circuitry, they can’t bolster the brain, uplift mood, help a person experience resilience, or create a more robust sense of wellbeing.

Fortunately, while new neurons can die, they can also be rescued, which is where meditation comes in. It turns out that when novel learning experiences challenge the mind, new neurons are “saved.” –

Questions: What do you guys think about the article? Do you exercise and/or meditate? If so, does it help in reducing your depression?

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