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How I’m Using ProBlogger Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

A great opportunity.

I’ve been blogging for about 8 years now, and make most of my money through freelancing. The term “freelancing” means a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long term. Some of my contracts would last 1 year while others a bit shorter, around 6 months. I find that freelancing and working for yourself is the best option for someone living with bipolar because it gives you enormous flexibility. You can set your own hours, choose the type of work you want to do, and limit how much work you do at any given time. This lowers the amount of stress on you compared to a 9-5 job with deadlines, timing, and a vigorous work schedule. As a matter of fact, I always recommend freelancing to other friends of mine who are also bipolar. I even help them find opportunities online.

Many people get scared when I mention “freelance writer” or “editor” because they don’t have any previous experience. But, let me ask you this: Do you know how to research online? Do you know how to type content in Microsoft Word? Do you have adequate writing skills? The reason I say “adequate writing skills” is because you can always hire an editor to go over your work before handing it in. For example, from some projects I’ll get paid $75.00 for a completed project, and pay $20.00 to my editor; I’ll still pocket $55.00 afterwards. So, you still make profit while needing to spend less time on perfecting your assignment.

Today, I decided to write about ProBlogger Jobs because it’s a great way to secure part-time or full-time contracts. Over the last month after losing my long-term contracts, I have been able to find 2-3 smaller contracts, which helps put money in my pocket. On ProBlogger, you have awesome jobs being posted every day, and can narrow your search to contracts, freelance, full-time and/or part-time. Some popular job postings are:

  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing assistant
  • SEO content writer
  • How-to Writer
  • Web design
  • Editor
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Case Studies from Successful Home Workers

Here are screenshots of two invoices from work found on ProBlogger:

I`m showing you these as proof that freelancing online and working from home can make you money. You just need to start searching and applying.

Applying for Work on ProBlogger

Head over to ProBlogger jobs. Start skimming through the list of job posts. You`ll automatically see the most recent jobs posted at the top. Skim through them and see if any are relevant to you and your skillset. If you haven’t ever tried freelancing, then I recommend using the following strategy.

1) Don’t apply for jobs looking for specific requirements. For example, some jobs require applicants to be experienced in WordPress or have experience creating sports quizzes. This means you must have specific experience. And if you don’t, you’ll have a hard time being successful.

2) Apply to jobs that require applicants to have a very broad writing experience and don’t have a specific niche requirement. This gives you the opportunity to write about something you’re passionate about. For example, here’s one that stands out:

Once you click on the job and start skimming, you’ll notice what the requirements are:

“We’re looking for people who have experience in their niche, people who have been there, done it and live it. We need people who are able to write about their chosen topic in a credible way. You must have passion and enjoy helping people learn through your writing. You should be a pro writer with excellent written skills including spelling, punctuation and grammar. You must be able to get your ideas down in a way that is easy to read, exciting and compelling.

This is an opportunity for you to write about your chosen subject with interesting new clients.”

What do you do if you don’t have samples? No problem. You can always research on Google topics you’re interested in, and put compelling content together. After writing a few posts, you’ll get comfortable with the entire process…trust me. As mentioned, don’t worry too much about the spelling, grammar, and punctuation because you can always hire an editor to go through your work.

3) Use the search function to filter the results to find jobs applicable to your skillset. Scroll to the top of the page, and type in a keyword. Then, select a location (I usually leave this blank). After this, select what type of work you’re looking for: contract, freelance, full- or part-time. And then hit search.

Additional Tips

When I first started searching on ProBlogger for work, I made some common mistakes which hurt my chances of landing the right contract. I was anxious and impatient because I had lost my job so I was desperate to get back on my feet. Here are some mistakes I made that you should avoid when applying for freelance work:

Never Rush Through Things

Always take your time going through the job details and requirements. Many jobs don’t require a resume, but they do have specific requirements they expect you to meet. Reading through all the requirements will help you craft the perfect message when applying. If you don’t meet the requirements, it’ll save you time by not applying to jobs you’re not fit for.

Never Send the Same Message

Don’t send the same message to every job you’re applying to. Every job is different, even if it has similar requirements. Because not every company has the same requirements. Some of the jobs I applied to wanted samples of my work while others wanted a breakdown of my experience. Craft a different message for every job you apply to.

Follow Up with Employer

In the past I’ve secured three jobs by following up with the employer. You’ll notice many of the job posts list an email they want you to send your application to. Jot down the email address and follow-up a few days later because you’ll be surprised how many employers love persistence since it shows a lot about your character.

I missed out on some opportunities because I didn’t take the time to follow up. This brings me to my next point…

Reply Within 1-2 Days

When you hear back from a potential employer, it’s important you reply within 1-2 days answering whatever questions they have. Sometimes they’ll have 10 people in mind and are trying to narrow it down further so don’t waste time or you’ll lose the potential contract to someone else. When replying, make sure you answer all the questions they have in detail.

Finally, never give up and keep pushing forward because you’ll be surprised how close you are to finding that job. I hope by now you know things are not easy and giving up doesn’t help so check back on ProBlogger every day because the site does post daily.

Final Thoughts

ProBlogger is a great place to find freelance work and start earning extra income. As a matter of fact, I earned a full-time income working with a company, which I found on ProBlogger. It started off as a part-time contract, but ended up being full-time afterwards because they were happy with my dedication. Even if you have a 9-5 job right now, I encourage you to try freelancing part time so you gain the experience. Plus, the side income doesn’t hurt.  Hopefully, this can lead to a full-time freelance career where you’ll be able to make your own hours, and have the flexibility and comfort to earn money from home. 🙂

Please post your questions in the comment box below. 

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