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General Support Group Q & A

Abilify and Weight Gain – The Most Common Side Effect

Last week, I posted a question both in the BipolarDigest Community and on my Facebook page. I wanted to know how many people taking Abilify experienced either weight gain or weight loss. The connection between Abilify and weight gain is nothing new. Ever since I started to research this medication, I’ve read complaints about how Abilify causes massive weight gain. For example, 715 patient reviews found that the #1 side effect associated with Abilify is weight gain. When a summary was put together on the side effects, here are the top 5 side-effects (complaints):

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General Just My Thoughts

The Big Four Types of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking will ruin your life. It will take the good out of everything and have you viewing the world in a darker light. Constant negative thinking leads to depression, anxiety and makes you resent people. It was the biggest roadblock I had when learning to control and conquer bipolar disorder. It can be hard to recognize negative thinking especially when you’ve been caught in a pattern for too long. This is when your negative thought pattern becomes automated and really takes over your life. However, there’s always hope but you first need to recognize that your caught in a negative cycle. Then, you can identify the type of negative thinking you are doing. For example, many psychologists have identified four types of negative thought patterns. They have also stated how many of them do overlap each other.

By knowing the different types, you can start to come up with heathier alternative patterns to overcome those negative ones.

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General Growth

I Wish I Could Start My Life Over – Really?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this thought in my mind, especially, after I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I always felt as though certain events in my life caused my bipolar disorder so if I’m able to turn back time, I would no longer have bipolar disorder. If you haven’t noticed, I have a contact us page on my blog and get several emails each week from people with and without bipolar disorder. Those living with bipolar disorder send through questions or need someone to speak to which is why I started the BipolarDigest Community. Those people without bipolar disorder send emails to find out more about mental illnesses and how they can find out if they have bipolar disorder or not. I try to answer every email within 1 day. Anyways,

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Just Another Manic Monday

Today at work I had one. I’ve had very little sleep over the last 3 days. Today I woke up energized and ready to go on with the day. I got to work and I could feel it creeping over me. Then, it hit. My happy mood was gone. No joke. No pun. No laughter helped me. Kylee was gone. Kylee left and all that was inside was a shell. An empty shell.

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Celebrities with Bipolar

Celebrities with Bipolar – Kurt Cobain

Today, I wanted to take some time to write about another celebrity with bipolar disorder. He passed away at a very young age before his true talents could shine, and he could make a bigger mark on music. I believe Kurt Cobain was one of the most talented artists of our time but then fell victim to heroin addiction which cost him his life. It’s important we keep celebrities and their success in our minds because those living with bipolar disorder are often reminded of their limitations. But, looking at celebrities and their success is proof that our only limitation is ourselves because we can truly accomplish our wildest dreams when we put our mind to it.

Kurt Cobain is an example of this and his story is one of triumph and tragedy. It’s a story of chronic health problems depression, and bipolar disorder.

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Daily Check-In Thread – August 8th, 2017

Another day has passed and another has come upon us!

Today, I woke up a little late which is always a bummer because I have so much to do. But, I’m going to stay positive by telling myself that every day will not be a perfect day. It’s these small disappointments which make me a better person. Before I would have taken things more seriously and this would have caused me to fall very depressed. However, after several years of learning how to stay positive, I’m not going to let a slow start to my day hold me back from accomplishing my goals. Anyways, other than getting up at 12 PM, I did have a good clean breakfast and got in a quick workout. Making sure my health is top priority is important to me so every time I complete a workout, I feel great.

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Changing Habits General

How Social Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Are Linked?

When I was younger, I had some serious social anxiety. I would get very nervous whenever I would be in large groups because I would be concerned with what people thought of me. My mind would be consumed with this thought so I would avoid public spots. I think back to how long I’ve had social anxiety and remember that even at an early age before my bipolar diagnosis, I suffered from high social anxiety. Recently, it started to bother me again but in a different way. For example, I’m not really scared of large groups anymore, but more concerned on how social anxiety and depression are linked. I’ve read how it can be a contributing factor in developing depression, bipolar disorder and dysthymia (persistent mild depression). As mentioned, social anxiety has been a part of my life ever since I was a young kid way before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I`m now intrigued with the connection between them and if treating one will help the other.

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Support Group Q & A

What Does a Mixed Episode Feel Like…Help Please.

I have been newly diagnosed and wondering what a mixed episode feels like. I know when I’m depressed because I am very down and don’t feel like doing anything. I also know there is some anxiety, but don’t think it’s high enough to be completely manic. I guess I just don’t know so wondering if you guys can tell me what a mixed episode feels like when bipolar.

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Changing Habits Growth

2 Methods to Uncover Our Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are stories and/or thoughts we have about ourselves that limit our growth. Your beliefs are a lens through which you experience life, and if the belief is negative then you’ll view the world as negative. This can hold you back from becoming the person you truly want to become. For example, imagine if you feel you’re NOT good enough at anything or specifically “not funny enough” then your brain will automatically start to look for evidence to support this claim. However, if you feel that your amazing and can conquer anything, then you’ll mind will look for positive reinforcement instead.

Learning to control my limiting beliefs has been one of the most effective techniques in managing bipolar. I believe it’s mind over matter and it’s not the event itself, but the way you interpret it which attracts the negativity. For example, let’s say two different people find themselves in the same situation…right? The outcome will depend on the way each interprets the situation. One might view it as a positive learning experience while the other as a life changing event which spirals their life out of control. So, it’s in your belief or the story you tell yourself about what happened which determines the outcome. Anyways,

The strategy I’ll be going over has helped me control my trigger points and grow over time. It did take some time to learn what my limiting beliefs are and control them from taking my mind over.

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My World Upside Down

Have you ever looked back on your life wondering what would happen if things had gone another way if you had the knowledge that you have now back then, what would you do? For me, there are too many things I want to change in my past, but I would never take back the fact that I am a survivor of Bipolar And Borderline Personality Disorder as well as Anxiety. I deal with these personal struggles on a daily basis, and it has framed the mature adult me. Someone I, myself can respect. I am thankful to have gone through every up and down, twist and turn. It is true, there really ain’t no mountain high enough.

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