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Learning from Steve Jobs Quote

For those of you NOT aware of Steve Jobs, he co-founded Apple, which is the creators of iPhone, iMac, iPad, and iCloud. He died at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer.

In November 2015, I subscribed to Audible offered by Amazon. They were offering an incredible first time bonus, which is $14.95 per month, and gave you 1 credit per month. This credit can be used for any book within the Audible collection. It’s important to mention for new sign-ups, they gave you two credits for the first month. Anyway, I end up getting two books the very next day – The Power of Habits and The Steve Jobs Biography written by Walter Isaacson. I never heard of Walter Isaacson before, and the reason I purchased this book was to learn about Steve Jobs. I’m a techy, and believe he created some of the MOST revolutionary products in the market today. The complete audio book is around 25 hours long, and I would listen to it for 30-45 minutes right before going to bed.

Towards the final two chapters, Walter Isaacson is talking to Steve Jobs about his illness and what it means to him. He starts to dwell on his past, his children, and even relationships with fellow Apple employees. It’s important to note this book was written right before his death so Walter Isaacson spent enormous time by his bedside as he struggled with pancreatic cancer.

Before I continue, I want to tell you a little about Steve Jobs’ personality. He was a shrewd businessman with a huge temper. Most people remember him as having two views on a product – Incredible or complete a piece of shit. Designers would approach him with creative ideas or models of products, and he’d respond in one of those two ways. In other words, he was very vocal, and hardly kept things inside. It’s important you understand a little about his personality so you’ll have a better understanding of my point.

About 2-3 months before Steve Jobs passed away, he was in enormous pain, but his relentless hard work wouldn’t let him relax at home. In his mind, he had a plan of products he wanted to complete before his passing. Being in a great deal of pain and being the head of a public company can be two very conflicting scenarios simply because you’re required to be completely transparent about your illness. The reason is very simple…

You have enormous investors, and the success of your stock has to do with how well your company will continue to sustain its growth. Many people at Apple felt Steve Jobs writing a letter addressing the investors about his health would be bad for the price of the stock, and its shareholders. As a matter of fact, close friends at the company encouraged him to stay quiet in the beginning about his current health situation, and he said the following, which resonates through mind my every day and has changed the way I view almost every aspect of my life.

Not being transparent about your feelings, pain, and emotions is the worse thing you can do. You’re living a fake existence, and everything you do going forward will be fake because you’re NOT being honest with yourself and others.

There is a very strong reason I decided to share this with you, and it has to do with my own personal experience. When I first got diagnosed with bipolar, I had a hard time being genuine with people. For some reason, I felt my thoughts and emotions were based around my mental illness. For several years, I kept things to myself, and this became a vicious habit that was even more difficult to breakout of. I didn’t know how to act around people or even if my thoughts were truly mine. It was the worse period of my life because I felt my relationships, mood, emotions, etc., were all thought-out, and re-manufactured.

It’s only when I started being honest with myself about my feelings, and accepted my illness that I was able to break out of a vicious circle. It took enormous commitment, but I trained myself to be completely honest about my feelings and what I was feeling at all times. It was hard in the beginning because I often worried about what others thought about me, however, breaking out of my shell allowed me to build relationships based on nothing but honesty. And today, those are the MOST reliable, genuine, solid relationships I’ve had for the past 5-6 years.

Steve Jobs was suffering from a devastating cancer, and he wanted to let people know straight forward so they know what’s going on because it affected them just as much. Many around him spend time working next to him, building products, and depending on him for whatever reason. Don’t you think others depend on you? They depend on you to be completely honest with them at all times so you can build a bond that is truly authentic. However,

Being closed about your emotions, thoughts, or even need for support is the worst way you can achieve this. Over time, you’ll build a habit to be unauthentic, and this will be seen throughout other areas in your life.

In the end, I decided the best thing I can do for myself is to be completely honest and upfront about what I was feeling. It helped me build genuine relationships with people who I now depend on to help me overcome my bipolar.

Here’s what I want all of you to do:

I want all of you to re-evaluate your thoughts, and ask yourself if you are being completely honest with yourself. Are you honest with others? What can you do to be more genuine and authentic with those around you?

I also want you to ask yourself: Are they certain relationships you’re NOT happy with in your life? Are you constantly battling negative thoughts?  I believe negative thoughts are caused by keeping things inside, and NOT having a solid support group. When you are left to ponder these thoughts alone, it surrounds you with enormous negative energy.

Remember what I wrote about the importance of communication? I mentioned how it can be a mood stabilizer because your NOT battling conflicting thoughts on your own.


Think about why you are the way you are: Do you not trust those around you? Or do you think people will look at you differently if you speak your mind?

Once you have answered those questions,

I want you to check out this post – All It Takes Is “1” Change (Power of Habit)

Here, you’ll find answers to these questions from my own personal perspective. You’ll find a lot of resourceful information that helped me build the discipline I needed, and I know it’ll help you do the same.

For those of you interested in reading Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs, it can be purchased from the Amazon store. It’s been a number 1 best seller for months, with over 4,000+ positive reviews.

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