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A Better June 2017 Starts Today – Learn 1 New Thing Everyday

It’s the beginning of another wonderful month – June 2017. This month, just like April and May, we’ll be focusing on “1” single thing that makes us better. Obviously, you’re not limited to only learning one single thing, but we (as a group) will focus on learning something new every day. This can be learning something new about yourself, an assignment, learning something new about someone else, or general knowledge about the world, science, mathematics, anything you want it to be. The main objective is to learn something “new” every single day which you never knew the day before. I know many of you are wondering why? I’ll tell you now, because – Knowledge is Power.

June 2017 – Knowledge

Learning, or educating every day was the single most important factor in pushing me to change myself. My ability to learn something new, not only, open my eyes to different opportunities but allowed me to better my social skills. Over time, I had countless things to talk about and learned a lot more about myself. It’s by learning something new every day, I figured out how much I love spirituality, transformation, and the power of positivity.

Bipolar disorder has its own way of pushing you down. I mean, it has a strange way of limiting your beliefs. You’re in constant battle with your thoughts, however, when you push yourself to learn something new every day, you’ll take a break from my own negative thinking. It allowed me to think outside the box. I’ll admit, it takes time to get into the habit of looking for new knowledge, but over time it’s like an automated process. When I first started, I forced myself to visit news blogs, pick up a book, or skim through TV documentaries. However, it’s now a habit and I’m always looking for what’s happening around the world and visiting my favorite list of blogs (I have 7 a read every day). But, here’s the true value of this exercise –

By learning “1” new thing every day, you’ll figure out what excites you, and what you’re passionate about. You won’t have a clue if you don’t try different things. Once you start opening your mind to different topics, you’ll connect to one of them.   


When you observe people in social surroundings, you notice how there always talking about what’s happening in the world. Or, people are always tuned into someone who has something interesting to say. When I started learning new things every day, I noticed, after a few months, I was the one leading the conversation. My knowledge also made me a lot wittier…lol. I started making people laugh with my clever rebuttals.

Learning something new doesn’t require too much work. Applying this into your life doesn’t mean you need to change your routine. Knowledge surrounds you everywhere and, can be accessed through your phone, TV, computer or by picking up a magazine.

Get Started Now

When I started, I created a list of blogs I would frequent every day. These blogs covered a whole list of topics so I wasn’t limited to just reading on gaming or science. I wanted to know what was out there, so read things which normally wouldn’t interest me. I suggest using the same approach when getting started. But, don’t forget to keep the main purpose in mind – learn something new every day.

There’s no point in reading something you already know about because it’s not going to provide value to you. The purpose of this exercise is to expand your knowledge. It’s to help you discover more about yourself and the kinds of things you enjoy. Honestly, this shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes each day. But, if you want to read some more, then go ahead because, with learning, you can never go wrong. It’s an asset no matter how you look at it.

As time goes on, things will start to connect more and certain topics will excite you more than others. If you continue this for 3-4 weeks, it will become a habit. So, get started.

Here are some blogs to check out which curate content on different topics –


Final Thoughts

Knowledge is Power…that’s it!

Use what’s available to you and start to elevate your mind. The internet has opened doors for you to connect to vast amounts of information all over the world. Progressing in life is about bettering yourself, and what better why then to educate yourself every day.

Happy June 2017 everyone 🙂

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment box below. 

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