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I Feel Like I Can’t Do Anything Right

For the longest time, I’ve been feeling like I can’t do anything right. When I say anything, I mean almost all aspects of my life seem hard to do right. I can’t drive right and communicate effectively with others. Many days, I feel like I can’t think straight and wonder why my family and friends put up with me. I’m posting this hoping I can find some support and know if anyone else feels the same way. Any tips to help me feel more confident?

Posted by: mammu

My Thoughts

You are not alone because this has been one of the biggest triggers for my depression and my mood swings. Whenever I would have these thoughts, it would attract so much negative energy making it hard for me to stay motivated. It doesn’t make it easier that everything you do in life requires actions i.e. if your writing content, driving communicating, or making something to eat. Here’s something to remember the next time you feel depressed about not being able to get things done right –

 “Our vulnerabilities are what makes us lovable and makes us who we are. If we didn’t worry and care, it would make it impossible for us to connect with people.”


Here are strategies to help you remain positive next time. Use them to remind yourself of your value and as alternative thoughts instead of thinking negative.

You Care About Quality

The fact I feel like I can’t do anything right means I care about doing the job right. Did you ever think you’re the same way? Caring about quality is a rare characteristic to have and many people admire such a person. The next time you feel like you can’t do anything right, you should tell yourself that you’re a perfectionist and want to do the job done right. Don’t say there’s something wrong, but instead something great about you because you care about quality. So, your real struggle is lowering your standards slightly so you can live with the job you’ve done.

Others Feel It Too

Several years ago, I became so upset when I couldn’t complete an online project that I fell into deep depression. My inability to do it “right” triggered a serious mood swing going from manic into a deep depression. I had enough and decided to go around asking acquittances how often they felt “they can’t do anything right”. I was amazed at how 90% of them said they felt like this all the time. These are people living without bipolar disorder. Knowing this helped me a lot because for a long time I felt this feeling of not being able to do things right was because I’m bipolar, but now I know that’s not the case.

The next time I feel like I can’t do something right, I tell myself that others feel like me all the time and this helps control the negativity.

Gather Positive Feedback

Ask others around you about the work you’re doing. It’s hard to gather positive feedback from friends especially if you’re not comfortable with them knowing what’s going on. However, if you’re working on a project at work then once you’re done, ask the client for feedback. If you’re working with someone (partner) then I’m sure they’ll provide you with constructive feedback about the quality of your work. This serves as great motivation and can be a huge help in stopping your negative thinking. Your parents, kids, or spouse will be more than happy to tell you what a great job you’ve done.

Please share your thoughts in our community. You’ll be helping a lot of people who feel the same way…


Disclaimer: This information was gathered throughout a variety of websites. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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