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What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up on Life

I have my days where I feel like completely giving up on life. Some days, I feel like I’m progressing just fine, but others I have these negative thoughts which keep entering my mind. I guess I feel like giving up on the days I’m faced with extra challenges or when I’m plain old tired. It’s amazing because some days I feel like I can change the world, then “boom” something happens and I feel like I have no control at all. It’s a vicious cycle which never stops and I don’t think it will.

I wasn’t going to write this content because I had others planned, but today’s been a rough day and I wanted to vent what was on my mind. I wanted to let you know how I feel I’m going to fail with my blog, fail with my business, and never succeed in life. I guess I won’t be the ultimate businessman I thought I would be. These thoughts have been echoing since this morning which is surprising because yesterday I was doing great. Yesterday I had it all figured out and even put together a “to-do” list of things for today. I’m tired, fed up and feel like giving up.

The only thing pushing me to keep going is my family and NOT disappointing them. I don’t want to admit I lost and don’t want to admit I was wrong. My family always told me business is not the way to go and I should give up. But, I wanted to prove them wrong. I wanted to show them even after being diagnosed with bipolar, I can do the impossible. No one in my family understands blogging so I don’t blame them. I just haven’t been good at explaining it to them. Never the less, I have a mission and need to keep moving forward.

What else keeps me going is what I’ve learned over the years. For example, I know this is a phase and they’ll come a day where the impossible will seem possible. But, I don’t want to give up before that day arrives. So, I just have all these thoughts in my mind fighting each other so want to jot them down here. I want this to be a lesson for all of you too. On my Facebook page, I read what many of you write in the comment box and I know the feeling. I know sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night, think positive, stay in a relationship, and remain optimistic that you’ll be fine. Trust me, I know the feeling. So, I want to share my thoughts whenever I feel like giving up. I guess this is more like a journal entry.

Good Vs. Bad Days

I’ve been here before and by this, I mean I’ve had these feelings before. Not every day’s going to be perfect and things will eventually turn around. I don’t want to give up before the good days arrive because then everything I’ve done will be a complete waste. I know this because history has always shown a pattern. You should also think long and hard about this too. Think about the times you’ve been having a tough 4-5 days where the world seems to be ending, then “boom” things will turn around right after. I’m holding on to the thought that today is just a bad day so I need to get through the day by remaining positive. Tomorrow will be different and I’m going to wish I never gave up the day before.

I know times like this won’t last forever with tomorrow being different and full of surprises. So, don’t make any quick decisions before waiting it out and seeing what tomorrow brings. Remember – “You wouldn’t have good days if it wasn’t for bad ones” 

Now I can’t promise things will change tomorrow, but you need to have “hope” that change will come soon. I’m just like all of you a person with “hope”. A person who “hopes” that tomorrow I’ll feel better and that ’ll keep pushing without giving up on life.

This is one thought which keeps entering my mind every time I feel like giving up on life. I mean, if I give up on the things keeping me alive what else is there for me. Right now, my work keeps me busy so that’s a bit of sanity for me, but if I stop working – what else would I do?

I think the day I don’t have a purpose in live is the day I blow my brains out. Without a meaning or purpose, I won’t have anything to aim for. And that’s going to be my real struggle. The fact I have things to keep me busy allows me to remain focused. I know today will pass because everything is constantly changing in life. It’s the principle of nature. Think about it –

Where were you 5 years ago? Better yet, where were you last month? Now, think where you are now. I’m sure you’ll answer how things have changed in your life even if slightly…right?

I know things will change for the better soon and when they do I’ll have things to do and focus on. But, if I give up on life, then when that change comes I won’t have anything to fall back to. I’ll be lost and without a purpose. So, the next time you feel like giving up on life you need to ask yourself – what’s next? Where will you go? You’ll realize you’re better off being where you are right now. The change will come soon.

Prove People Wrong

Whenever I want to give up on life, it’s usually after something happens. Something triggers this thought which pisses me off attracting all this negative energy to me. For example, today it was because some business emails I sent never got replied to. Getting a reply would have helped me out big time. Even though I never got a reply, I realized something else is triggering me to give up on life. Here it is –

I want to give up NOT because I don’t have a purpose to live for but because I do have one. The only thing is I’ve hit a roadblock trying to fulfill this purpose. This disappoints me and makes me just want to give up on everything.

Listen, I’m already up against enormous odds because I’ve been living with bipolar disorder for over 17 years. There are those who don’t think I’ll make it as a blogger or in business. I guess this is the fire which keeps pushing me. I don’t want to give up because I want to prove these people wrong. You should do the same.

Find out what triggers those negative feelings of giving up and make it a point to prove something to yourself and others. Just writing this content makes me feel a lot better because it reiterates how much I want to succeed and prove others wrong who doubted me.

The next time you feel like giving up in life, it’s important to understand “why” because it will help you understand your purpose.

Power of Change

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I need to change my approach. I’m pissed off today because work didn’t go the way I wanted it to. This is what makes me feel useless when I don’t make progress. Remember above I said how we all want positive change or hope things will be better soon. I guess we hope things will change but don’t want to wait for it. But, I realized one thing over the years as I went through my up’s and downs. It’s that one small change will completely change your entire momentum. We often think we need huge changes in our lives to get to where we want to go. But, you only need to change your direction slightly to achieve completely different results.

I sit here feeling like giving up, but then realize I just need to find that one small change. I need to figure out what small thing I’m doing wrong. I don’t need to look for a huge complicated puzzle, but a small factor holding me back. Maybe, it’s my lack of focus, motivation, or that I get distracted easily. Maybe, I need to change where I work or what time I get up in the morning. Who knows but when I figure it out it will change everything. However, do I really want to give up on life knowing all I need to do is figure out that small change? Absolutely Not!


I vented and hopefully, you learned something along the way. I l know writing this provided me with motivation. It made me think about things which weren’t on my mind before. It made me more optimistic. I want to thank all of you for that 🙂

I think we all should look forward to tomorrow and what wonderful changes it will bring.

Tell Me –

What do you do when you feel like giving up on life? What helps you stay positive and let’s you push forward?

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