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February 2017 Update and New March 2017 Goals

First, let me start off by apologizing because I’m late posting this update. The March 2017 Goals should have been posted on March 01, 2017 with an update on February’s Goals at the same time. Going forward, I’ll make sure things are smooth and updates are posted at the beginning of the month.

In mid-February 2017, I started this series to track my progress and be transparent with all of you. I lost my job around this time so I wanted to show all of you what I was doing to earn income. This included trying things I’ve never done before and post the results so all of you could do the same. After skimming around the mental health forums, I noticed how many people living with bipolar were having a hard time finding and maintaining a steady career. The solution for me was to go into business for myself; you’d be surprised how many opportunities you have available online. For example, shortly after losing my job, I started freelancing on and was able to earn $165.00 in one week with the possibility of doubling it later on. But, I’ve paused my Fiverr gig for now because I was able to secure more freelance work through another website, which I’ll be writing about next week. I’m putting together a step-by-step tutorial for all of you so stay tuned. With that said…

I encourage all of you to visit My February 2017 Goals and Life Update before continuing to read this because it will give you a glimpse into what I had planned for February 2017. Either way, I’ve provided a breakdown of each goal below and if I was successful in completing it.

February 2017 Update

Workout Schedule

“My goal is to work out 3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each workout day will consist of a 30-minute run and 20 minutes on weights.” (SUCCESSFUL)

February 2017 was a strong month for working out, with Monday, Wednesday and Friday being my cardio and weights day. Before I was working out twice a month, but I wanted to shed a few pounds before the summer time so I added an extra day. I’ve never felt better because whenever I work out my diet is much better too.


I watched a documentary in early February that outlined the many benefits of meditating. I wanted to incorporate it into my lifestyle once a week to start off slow. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time to learn how to do it correctly so I didn’t end up meditating at all. 🙁 (UNSUCCESSFUL)

Writing Blog Content

“This month, I want to start focusing more on, publishing content 3 times a week instead of just twice.”

February 2017 was an awesome month for writing content because I found time to research and put everything together the way I planned. I started to publish on three times a week, and kept a regular posting schedule on my other blogs too. I have a lot more content planned going forward so stay tuned. (SUCCESSFUL)

Facebook Marketing

“I extended my Facebook advertising budget to $7.00 because I’m trying to grow this blog. I know I can help a lot of people through my blog, and they could do the same for me…I’ll stick to spending $7.00 per day on Facebook Ads, and will give you an update on how much growth I have on my page. Currently, I have 4,098 followers on my 

My BipolarDigest page continues to grow with 5,099 followers. That’s up by 1,001 so I’m happy about this. My main objective is to grow my brand and help as many people as possible through my writing. (SUCCESSFUL)

YouTube Channel (Podcasts)

 “My goal is to get 1 new podcast published each week going forward, however, this month I’ll aim for just 1. I’m new to this so I’m doing a lot of research on how to record, edit, and upload in HD to YouTube.”

I did publish my first video on showing people how to setup a account, post a gig, and earn extra income. You can find it here. (SUCCESSFUL)

Spending Budget

“My spending habits have gone through the roof.”

“If I can knock my spending down to $75.00-$100.00 per night (Saturdays)—so that’s anywhere from $300.00-$400.00 per month—it will be a huge decrease.”

February 2017 was a very high spending month with two birthday parties. This meant I had to be at dinners then a lounge afterwards. I wanted to keep spending to $300.00-$400.00 per month, however, in February I spent double— $750. (UNSUCCESSFUL)

Social Time

“So, my goal for this month is to work hard and stick to the game plan, NOT increasing how much I go out.”

A great month because I stuck to the game plan! (SUCCESSFUL)

New March 2017 Goals

Workout Schedule

Stick to the same game plan of working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll continue to do both weights and cardio, but would like to add HIIT (high intensity interval training). I like this program called Insanity Max 30, which one of my friends suggested. Instead of doing weights on one day, I’ll incorporate the Insanity Max 30 instead.

Writing Blog Content

Blogging is my life so I want to continue punching out awesome content for all of you. I’ll stick to the current 3 times a week posting schedule because this works perfect for me. So far, the best days I’ve found to publish content are Monday, Wednesday and Friday because it gives me a day in between to type and upload my content.

I’ll diversify my content going forward, focusing on self-improvement, productivity hacks, building mental strength, and focusing on building good habits.

Facebook Marketing

I’ll lower my daily marketing budget from $7.00 to $5.00. Right now, I’m in between jobs and am freelancing whenever I can to earn income. But, I don’t want to stop my Facebook campaign completely so I will lower it to what I can afford.

YouTube Channel (Podcasts)

I still find it hard creating videos and editing them for uploading. I just haven’t created enough so I’m having trouble with recording in HD and editing for This month, I’ll create 1-2 more videos so I can get comfortable with using video creation tools like Screen-O-Matic. I’ve ordered another microphone because the other one I have isn’t the best quality. I’ll publish the videos on my blog as well, and post an update on Facebook too.

Spending Budget

Bills are piling up and I don’t have fulltime work so I need to cut down my spending big time. The only way I see this being possible is to limit how often I go out on the weekends. Right now, Sunday-Thursday I stay home and apply for jobs while doing some odd freelancing work. For the time being, I’ll only go out once a week either on Friday or Saturday and limit my spending on that day to $50.00. This will cover gas, food, and anything else. But, because I know I’m budgeting, I’ll most likely head over to my friend’s house and stay there. We talked about our situation and how staying indoors is best for both of us.

With this type of schedule, I’ll be spending $200.00 ($50 x 4) per month.

What’s New For This Month?


I’m beginning to read a lot more; this has allowed me to write even better content for my readers. I spend about 30-60 minutes skimming through content on Flipboard. This is an awesome mobile application which curates the top content from different categories and provides it for you. I’ve subscribed to different categories like self-improvement, bipolar disorder, money saving, productivity, psychology, blogging, etc.

My goal is to read every day for 30 minutes-60 minutes. 🙂

Organize Bedroom

I have a lot of paperwork and clothes which I’ve been planning to sort out for several months. I’ve just been lazy and haven’t found the time or focus to organize my bedroom. But, the power of writing down your goals is amazing and I’ve noticed whenever I write something down, I not only remember but feel motivated to check it off the list.

This month, I’m going to go through all my paperwork and keep what’s important while throwing everything else out—sort out my clothes so I can donate the ones I no longer wear to charity. There’s a desk in my room that I like to either move into my basement or get rid of completely. This will free up more space in my bedroom.

What amazing things are going on in your life? What is/are your main goal(s) for March 2017?

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