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Does Hypo Mania Mean I’m Normal Again?

Posted by: xoblessed

Today I woke up in the morning and did something I haven’t in a long time. I cleaned every square inch of my kitchen and bathroom. I also cleaned by entire room. I live at home with other siblings so we all share the chores, and even though it wasn’t my day to clean, I still did it. I feel so good about it too. 🙂

I don’t feel depressed at all or any more, but I don’t think I’m manic or hypomanic either. I should tell you that I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar I and started taking my medication about 2 weeks ago. So, my question is do you think the medication has made me “normal” again and is this the way I’m supposed to feel when the medication has kicked in? I’m very new to being bipolar and still trying to understand it?? 🙁

My Thoughts

Thanks for your question. Here’s my answer…

Bipolar disorder has no cure so the best possible scenario is finding a combination of medications that work. I’m lucky I did and feel great. From what I’ve read, during mania, you have abnormal energy physically and mentally. But, from what you’ve described, you have a grip on your actions. On the other hand, hypomania is a much milder form of mania so you’ll still have more energy, but not as extreme as mania.

From my personal experience, you might want to consider the following –

1) you might be in a phase of hypomania giving you extra energy making you feel great. You feel like doing things and moving around which is why you’ve been so active around your house.


2) The medications are beginning to take effect and are helping to control your mood. I’ve heard people feel the effects of their medications within the first week. But, the full effects do require a time frame between 4-6 weeks as recommended by doctors.

I suggest you start a journal and write down your mood for the next couple of weeks. This will help you to pin down your mood patterns. For example, when I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I remember being in a hypomanic phase then swinging into depression a few days later. This meant my medication didn’t take effect or wasn’t helping. Medications that work normally help control your mood swings…right? But, once I was put on Depakote and Wellbutrin, I noticed a significant decrease in my mood swings. This was a clear indication that my medication was helping. It’s really about testing your mood and understanding how you feel every day. I hope this helps 🙂

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