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Depakote (Divalproex Sodium) Side Effects, Ratings, and Patient Comments

Earlier this week, I posted on my Facebook page asking for reviews on Depakote (Divalproex Sodium). The feedback was overwhelming with over 20 comments posted.

From all the other reviews I’ve read, Depakote did received mixed reviews. What’s more interesting is when you do a search on Google for “Depakote”, you’ll find a lot of mixed reviews too. For example, the average rating given to Depakote is 3.0/5. Next, based on 23015 reviews, here’s the top 7 side-effects reported…

  • 4679 patients complained of Somnolence
  • 3591 patients complained of Weight Increased
  • 2859 patients complained of Insomnia
  • 2354 patients complained of Headache
  • 2345 patients complained of Dizziness
  • 2030 patients complained of Nausea
  • 1983 patients complained of Fatigue

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I want to share what some people said about Depakote (Divalproex Sodium). I’ve narrowed down the top 10 out of 30+ reviews left on Facebook. 🙂

Top 10 Reviews on Depakote (Divalproex Sodium)

“I was on Depakote, titrated in 250mg doses, final dosage 1000mg – taken alongside 20mg Fluoxetine, 50mg-100mg quetiapine, 1-2mg lorazepam and 7.5mg zopiclone daily.

I found that I was a lot more paranoid and aggressive, horrendous weight gain, risky hyper sexuality and drinking when manic.
I have now switched to Lamotrigine titrated up to 200mg and feeling like whilst my moods are still bad, they’re not the worst they’ve been, although my mood can swing in a day more than once and I find I’m often in mixed states.” – Victoria Yates

“I can’t be very detailed as I don’t remember much. My Psychiatrist switched me from lithium to divalproex with no explanation. I don’t recall any adverse side effects. Still, I preferred lithium and have been back on it for years. 900mg at bedtime” – Megan Jane

“Watching this as I am new to Depakote too. So far it makes me drowsy and feel like I can’t keep up. Hoping that passes with time.”

” I take 2 x 500mg at bedtime but just started it, so not sure the dosage will stay there.” – Anonymous

“I am currently on 1000mg of the extended release every morning. Since 2015 I’ve been on it with no increase. The only other medication I’m on is Serquoel XR, 400mg. Being bipolar, after further research and education less number of meds is better. I’ve gained a few pounds, but nothing to bad. Being content and stable are far more important. If I miss more than a couple doses I dream at night. This is the first time I’ve felt good about my regiment.” – Jeannie Sheffield

” I was on depakote for four months. I don’t remember the dosage or if it was extended release but it was three times a day. I did a suicide attempt within 24 hours of being on it. I was very suicidal the entire four months and had anger issues and it changed my personality so I started things like lying. It was a horrible drug for me to be on. I had to get off it or I would have ended up killing myself. I would recommend this drug to others because my best friend is on it and it works great for her bipolar. Drugs just effect me differently than most people.” – Teresa McGrath

“Terrible weight gain. Was on 1000mg. Later read about it and found out that much can cause heart attacks. It was a long time ago that I was on it, but those are the things that I remember. It made me hungry ALL the time.” – Tammy Venckus

“Not good. Headache s, aggravated, violent. Didn’t work for me. But my mom takes it for seizures. And she’s fine. Takes it twice a day.” – Anonymous

“I took depakote 500mg three times a day. Horrible side effects. Bad bad dreams, extreme irritability 60 lb weight gain, no energy!!!” – Moore Laneandbrandy

“I have been on depakote 3 separate times and every time I was on it I used it to commit suicide. Obviously it wasn’t working the way it should’ve been. I was on 500mg 3x a day once I got up to that theraputic level. I’ve died every time and they brought me back. I was in ICU each time for about a week B4 they transferred me to a psychiatric hospital. Idky it has the affect on me that it does but I would never suggest it to anyone to take for take for any reason.” – Cindy Trowbridge

“Ugh I hated depakote it ruined my stomach and I gained so much weight.. Lamotrigine and trileptal together is a lifesaver!!!” – Anonymous

“I am on 6 x 250mg pills a day. Side effects weight gain, still hear voices, puking up every morning etc.” – Anonymous

” I take 1000 mgs of it….works wonders for me with the seroquel” – Anonymous

” I was on depakote for 8 years on 1000mg when it was all said and done. I wasn’t me and not in a good way either. I gained over 100lbs in the time frame I was on it. When I turned 18 I stopped taking all of my meds. Dropped the weight and I’ve never looked back. 10 years unmedicated y’all and I’m still here.. woohoo!” – Hollie Blake

“I’m on 500 3 times at night no side effects it helps me sleep but by mid afternoon I’m a completely different person”

“It worked in the beginning with no side-effects I been on it for 4 years and now does not seem to be working like it was in the beginning the medicine works great I guess just depends on the person only thing I don’t like is the effects it can have on your liver after a prolong use and the routine blood work I hate cause I do not do well in a public setting” – Nick Wyman

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