Daily Check-In Thread – August 8th, 2017

Another day has passed and another has come upon us!

Today, I woke up a little late which is always a bummer because I have so much to do. But, I’m going to stay positive by telling myself that every day will not be a perfect day. It’s these small disappointments which make me a better person. Before I would have taken things more seriously and this would have caused me to fall very depressed. However, after several years of learning how to stay positive, I’m not going to let a slow start to my day hold me back from accomplishing my goals. Anyways, other than getting up at 12 PM, I did have a good clean breakfast and got in a quick workout. Making sure my health is top priority is important to me so every time I complete a workout, I feel great.

I feel good and my mood is right on point. I’m optimistic about the rest of my week. I had a strong start to my week yesterday and finished an important project which has helped me stay motivated. Today, I’m going to go through the rest of the stuff which I need to complete for the rest of the week. I did spend some time with my mom today talking about a vacation to Europe I would like to take with her in November 2017. I also took the time to think about how “Time” is the most important commodity I have so I shouldn’t be lazy and need to make the most out of my day. As a matter of fact, I was feeling lazy today and didn’t want to get out of bed, but telling myself about the value of time made me want to get to work.

I did have a down moment when I started to think about how far I am from conquering my ultimate goal of building a successful business. I have a bad habit of trying to get things done in a hurry and this can play against me pushing me into depression. But, I did catch myself thinking negative and forced myself to think outside the box by telling myself that every day I work hard will bring me closer to my dreams.

So far, very blessed today and hope all of you are feeling the same way.

Let me know how your mood is today –

1) How did you feel after waking up this morning? Did you sleep well?

2) What kind of thoughts are you having? Are you staying positive?

3) Is something bothering you a lot? What is it?

4) Did you get your work done?

5) What do you hope goes well for you today?

6) What are your plans today? 

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