Celebrities with Bipolar

Celebrities with Bipolar – Charlie Sheen

Today, we’ll be looking at another celebrity who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I remember searching the internet years back and was unable to find any information on celebrities with bipolar. Nowadays, it’s amazing how much information I can find. Honestly, it’s because mental awareness is at an all-time high, and more celebrities are talking about it openly. I’m happy with how much awareness there is on bipolar because 17+ years ago, many would avoid talking about mental health. I was diagnosed in 2000. Next,

I must take the time to thank all those celebrities who have been an advocate for bipolar awareness. It’s their celebrity status that’s responsible for shedding light on bipolar more quickly. I must also thank all those people who have been diagnosed with bipolar and are talking about it openly. Remember, living with bipolar doesn’t limit you in any way, and if it does, it’s brought on by your own negative thinking. There are several success stories you can read on people who have conquered their dreams while battling with bipolar disorder at the same time. They have learned to manage it, live with it, and accept it.

Charlie Sheen has been a major player in Hollywood since the 1980’s. But, he’s also faced a handful of legal troubles at the same time. It’s going to be hard for me to cover his lengthy career in detail so I’ll touch on the main points. I want to spend more time focusing on his bipolar diagnosis and aftermath. Let’s get started.

Charlie Sheen: Actor

Born as Carlos Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City. He is the youngest son of well-known actor Martin Sheen. His dad, Martin Sheen, has been cast in a lot of blockbuster Hollywood movies and has worked with other big name actors and actresses. His brother, Emilio Estevez is also an actor and has been cast in a lot of popular Hollywood movies. The whole family comes from an acting background, and some say they are known as acting royalty.

Acting Career

Charlie Sheen started his acting career in 1984 in the Red Dawn. He was cast beside other actors who would establish successful careers in Hollywood. For example, in Red Dawn, he was cast with Patrick Swayze, Lea Thompson, and Jennifer Grey. In 1986, Sheen was cast in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and in the Vietnam War drama – Platoon in 1986. He gained notability after being cast in the movie Wall Street in 1987. This movie was produced by Oliver Stone, and he starred next to Michael Douglas. In 1988, Oliver Stone ask Sheen to star in his new film Born on the Fourth of July, but the role was given to Tom Cruise instead. Sheen continued to build on his acting career in the 90’s with other major hits.

Television Career

Sheen started his television career in 2000, replacing Michael J. Fox in Spin City. He was in the series for the final two seasons. Sheen was then cast as Charlie Harper in 2003, and this established him as a television mega star. The show was loosely based on his life and received an ALMA Award and he gained three Emmy Award nominations. He also received two Golden Globe Award nominations. What’s amazing is during the 8th and final season on the show, Sheen earned $1.8 million per episode. At this point, he was the highest paid television star. But, after the 8th season, he was fired from the show for going on a tirade against the creators.

In 2011, he went back into rehabilitation for the 3rd time.

“On November 17, 2015, Sheen publicly revealed that he was HIV positive, having been diagnosed roughly four years earlier.  In an interview, he referred to the phrase HIV as “three hard letters to absorb” – Wikipedia

Sheen Talks Mania and Bipolar

In an interview posted in People magazine, Charlie Sheen talked about being manic with Dr. Oz.

Sheen said he has been described and “diagnosed” as that before, saying there are “certain medical opinions, certain personal opinions that I might be bipolar.”

A majority of the interview was centered on his manic behavior during his deep partying, and substance abuse.

“The majority of, in my experience with the manic behavior is usually in the throes of deep partying, deep substance abuse and drinking,” said Sheen, 50. “It doesn’t really happen when I’m not doing that, it has never really reared its head.”

Charlie Sheen also stated how he’s been asked this question by a lot of people, and even diagnosed by them –

“It’s interesting how I answered that question. I’ve been described or ‘diagnosed’ by enough people, and I guess at some point you have to take a look at it if it keeps walking like a duck, you know? And I’m not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself. I’ve come this far, might as well fix it all, right?” he said. “It’s dicey for me because I don’t look at it as mania, I just look at it as existing and exploring a very interesting and full world and universe.”

In the same interview, Sheen did say when he Googled the term “mania”, he admitted going through the symptoms of irritability, the need for less sleep, racing thoughts, high sex drive and tendency to make grander plans.

My Thoughts

After reading the interview, it’s funny how I experienced the same symptoms when manic. The need for less sleep, feeling unstoppable, and irritability. If you ask my opinion, there are traces of bipolar in him. I’m speaking from my own 17+ years of experience with bipolar. But, if he is, that’s amazing because he knows what he needs to do to get a handle on it. From his own words, he stated years of substance abuse could be the cause, or that he experienced mania most during these times. The solution? Stop abusing drugs and alcohol…that would be a good start. But, over the years to his credit, Sheen has slowed down a lot and he’s not in the news as much.


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