Works great! Invega has changed my life!

Please tell others about your experienced with Invega (side effects, dosage, age, gender).
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Works great! Invega has changed my life!

#1 Post by chasemanhattan » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:06 pm

I've been on this medication for over 2 years. I'm currently taking 117 1 x M. I've lost about 40lbs and am urinating a lot more. However, Invega works very well at controlling my bipolar disorder. It's keeping my mood stable and I'm no longer experiencing social phobia either. As mentioned, the only thing I don't like is how often I'm urinating now. All the other medications I have taken in the past such as Lithium, Seroquel, and Depakote have caused me to put on a significant amount of weight (50lbs). Invega caused me to lose weight which is always a good thing and it has changed my life.

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