Helps with depression. Overall 3/5

Please tell others about your experienced with Tegretol (side effects, dosage, age, gender).
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Helps with depression. Overall 3/5

#1 Post by takingmymeds » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:14 pm

I'm bipolar II and it does help with my depression. I'm taking 200mg 4 times daily. I've been on it for 8 weeks and have some side effects like inability to focus, difficulty reading, and brain feels slower. I'm tired all the time too. But, this is a good medication to help with depression and is the first medication to actually help me the way it did. I did have serious suicidal thoughts, and now am NOT sad at all. But, I did have some side effects so things aren't perfect. I'm tired, slower, and have trouble focusing. This is effecting my productivity and making it hard to study (I'm in law school).

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