13 years and an amazing drug :)

Please tell others about your experienced with Eskalith CR (side effects, dosage, age, gender).
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13 years and an amazing drug :)

#1 Post by furball » Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:16 pm

I've been on this medication for 13 years and it has changed my life. It has controlled my highs and lows. I'm not having the extremes I was having before and this has allowed me to do things in my life and stay focused. I did have a bad reaction when I was prescribed the generic for 1 month, but then paid extra for the brand name. Be careful if you switch between them two because it will make a difference in your treatment. The generic is extended release not controlled and there is a difference. Before starting this medication, I took Tegretol and Depakote which didn't work for me. Eskalith has prevented the highs and lows controlling my mania and depression.

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