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October 5th, 2017: Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

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Our own beliefs limit us! You need to know it’s mind over matter and you have the power to change everything. You have the power to remove every limitation you are faced with. You have the power to be completely free!

The difference between those who are happy and those that are not is the following –

Happy people know they can conquer everything. They remove every limitation by changing their mindset. Unhappy people look for external reasons to make them happy. They look for external factors to remove the limitations in their lives.

Every morning repeat the following three times – I have the power to change my beliefs, my surroundings, and my life.  

Helping others beat bipolar disorder. After living with Bipolar for over 16 years, I have self-educated myself to come up with creative ways to live a normal productive life. It`s time to give back by helping others transform!