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What’s Awesome About Being Bipolar: I Believe In My Ability to Succeed

The word to focus on is “Believe”.

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I didn’t know what to expect, and how it will limit my abilities. However, over the last 17+ years, bipolar disorder forced me to change my mindset and pushed me to try different things well beyond my limits. Seventeen years ago, society had a deeper, negative opinion, about those who were bipolar. Just to be clear, many of the same negative opinions exist today (maybe not as strong however). If you are bipolar, then you are considered lower, limited or someone whose damaged goods. If you’ve read my other “Awesome Series”, you know how I use everyone’s opinion to fuel my motivation, and prove that I (someone with bipolar) can conquer anything. Being diagnosed with bipolar has pushed me beyond my limits and made me believe in my ability to succeed.

Disclaimer: many of you have probably faced different opinions from others on being bipolar. I’m speaking strictly from my own personal experience over the last 17+ years.

Awesome #7 – I Believe in My Ability to Succeed

The hardest part in my journey was finding a medication which leveled me out. I must have tried 6-7 medications without any success, and a lot of side effects. At this point, I had given up on myself because my mood swings were too much for me to handle. They were ruining my social, physical, and emotional life. When manic, I felt like I could conquer anything, then boom, I would be depressed not wanting to do anything. I’m sure just like it was for me, it’s been a nightmare for you too. But, this all changed 9 years ago.

My doctor prescribed a combination of Wellbutrin and Depakote (Divalproex Sodium) that worked quite well at stabilizing my mood swings. After one year of feeling stable, I knew both medications were the right fit for me. So, here’s the first lesson – Never give up and “believe” sooner or later, you’ll find the right combination of medications which will give you your life back. Trust me, I had no hope for myself, but believed if I stayed in treatment, I would find the right medication that my body reacted positively to. Once I leveled out, and the medication was doing its job, I started my transformation journey because I believed nothing can hold me back anymore.

Living with bipolar and managing to conquer a lot through positivity has given me a greater since of “belief” in my abilities. Any obstacles in my way are second compared to living with bipolar for the last 17+ years. Not only that, it’s very gratifying to know I’m bipolar and I wake up every morning happy being in control of my mood and who I surround myself with. I believe in the control I have, and in my ability to shape my day.

Here’s my advice for all of you who DON’T believe that something better is waiting for you…

First, your alive and are lucky. Do you know how many people won’t be alive tomorrow? Think about that for a second and appreciate the life you have right now. Secondly, think about the people you have in your life right now who are ready to support you if you need help. I know it’s hard taking time to appreciate the people in your life because the thought of being bipolar can take up a lot of your energy (I’ve been there). But, learn to catch these negative thoughts, and think of all the great people you have in your life. Third, you need to believe that your in control of every aspect of your life. Everything is mind over matter, and you attract the kind of energy you want in your life. So, if you believe in your abilities to conquer your dreams, then your automatically align with that energy and start to conquer your dreams. If you don’t believe me, then read my series on “Celebrities with Bipolar” and pay close attention to what they’ve achieved in their lives. These are people we consider role models because they’ve achieved a great level of success…right? If you don’t consider them role models, then still read my series and pay close attention to the adversity they’ve had to overcome.

With that said,

Bipolar disorder has been a rollercoaster for me, but I’m happy I can share my experiences with all of you. I’ve lived through hospital visits, harsh side effects, and a very dark period in my life. But, after finding a combination of medication which suited me, I started to put the pieces together in my life. I had a greater since of “belief” that everything will be alright. I also “believed” in my ability to achieve anything I put my mind to. You know why? Because, if bipolar can’t keep me down, nothing else can… now that’s awesome!


Helping others beat bipolar disorder. After living with Bipolar for over 16 years, I have self-educated myself to come up with creative ways to live a normal productive life. It`s time to give back by helping others transform!