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Sunday July 21, 2019 – #begrateful

We wake up in the morning looking at the things we don’t have or wishing things were different (I mean better). I know I have personally wished things were better or I was ahead in the stuff I was doing. For example, better business or even more money in the bank. But let’s face it, things are exactly the way they are supposed to be. By this I mean, God has s plan for everyone, and my time hasn’t come to conquer the world. So, I think to myself instead of beating myself over the things that are missing, let’s appreciate the things I have RIGHT NOW i.e. (knowledge, people, blessings, health). You see I realized it’s harder to keep a smile on your face and your head up high if you keep putting yourself down. You (yourself) are supposed to be your biggest FAN (cheerleader), and if you aren’t cheering for yourself then don’t expect others to. So, it’s time to –

Be grateful for the things you have. Count your blessings for today and what you have accomplished so far. You see the way I said “So Far” because I believe staying positive will give you the motivation to push and conquer even more going forward. Look at the glass half full and not empty. Think about the wonderful people you have right now with you. Maybe they are downstairs in the kitchen or even in the living room watching TV. The key is to appreciate who is with you right by your side. Be grateful for everything you have accomplished in your life and the fact you haven’t given up on life. Be proud of who you are and the unique personality you bring to this world.

Have a Great Sunday Night My Friends 😊

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