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Things To Be Grateful For In Life #1 – Waking Up In The Morning

We should all appreciate waking up in the morning. It’s a chance to breath new life, and another chance to conquer the things we’ve dreamed of (maybe we will conquer them today). Waking up in the morning gives us a bit of suspense because you don’t know what the day will bring. Maybe you’ll get that job offer or a call from someone special you met over the weekend. This is a new day that starts the moment you open your eyes. I think we all don’ appreciate, or just don’t understand, how a simple opening of the eyes sets things in motion for us. Your eyes open and your back into complete consciousness. You’re now ready to type those emails, make those phone calls, hit the gym, and consume the pasta waiting on the stove for you.

Waking up also gives you a chance to think about the people who lost their lives the night before and how lucky you are to live another day. It’s a chance to bury those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that motivate you and want you to be a better person. It’s a chance to apologize to someone you hurt that’s very close to you. It’s a chance for you to make that life-changing decision you put off the day before. And, it’s another chance for you to say enough is enough because you deserve better.

I know for some of you, things are tough, and you feel hopeless. Some of you feel that lady luck isn’t on your side. This has you feeling down and depressed. But I want you to think about something for a second –

Every day is a fresh new start and can lead to something special. That’s the beauty of life because no two days are identical. What’s today’s reality is not tomorrows. Each day is a clean slate and a chance for you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Every night when you fall asleep just know when you awake in the morning you have a very special day ahead of you. So,

–  Be Grateful for Waking Up Every Morning!

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