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Abilify and Weight Gain – The Most Common Side Effect

Last week, I posted a question both in the BipolarDigest Community and on my Facebook page. I wanted to know how many people taking Abilify experienced either weight gain or weight loss. The connection between Abilify and weight gain is nothing new. Ever since I started to research this medication, I’ve read complaints about how Abilify causes massive weight gain. For example, 715 patient reviews found that the #1 side effect associated with Abilify is weight gain. When a summary was put together on the side effects, here are the top 5 side-effects (complaints):

  • 186 patients complained of weight gain
  • 127 patients complained of Somnolence
  • 107 patients complained of insomnia
  • 105 patients complained of restlessness
  • 70 patients complained of fatigue

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The post on Facebook had a lot of activity and I want to share what some people said about Abilify and weight gain.

Top 10 Reviews on Abilify and Weight Gain

“I gained around 15 pounds. I was on Abilify for about a year. I gained the weight over about a month. But I didn’t ever gain much more with it. It worked a little. My psychiatrist retired and I had to go to a new one. He didn’t like the amount of medicine I was on and the Abilify and Cymbalta were the medicines that he eliminated.” – Cachel

” I also gained weight, a significant amount, on this medication as well. 

“It was a combination of several different meds (lamictal and welbutrin come to mind). I went from 120lbs in 2009 to 215lbs in 2013. I was constantly hungry and was very depressed. I was sleeping 10 hours during the day. Abilify did nothing to help me and I lost a lot of “time” in my life due to med changes that always included abilify. I switched to Klonapin about 2 years ago and have seen great results. I still struggle but my lows aren’t so low and my highs aren’t as high.” – Kelsey Brianne Hudson

I have also gained weight (2 stone) on abilify. It was a gradual weight gain unlike quetiapine which was sudden for me. The weight won’t shift either despite running regularly and eating a healthy diet 😞 – anonymous

“When I came off my meds I was so I’ll I’ve lost 4st. I was a bit over weigh but now I’ve been off my meds for a year I feel pretty healthy but I’m very conscious of how thin I look I’m only 7st 3lb and my healthy weight for me is about 9 and half stone.” – Sophie

I’ve heard some gaining weight and I’ve heard some who lost weight. The ones who lost the weight was drastic and within a month or two. The weight gain was consistent. Few pounds every other week or else right then and there. Their appetite changed and they were constantly hungry!” – Kylee

“Ability is know for increasing hunger. When I find myself hungry, for me I noticed I look for a salty snack, I have a vegetable or a fruit. I learned about intuitive eating, example am I hungry or is it an emotion that I’m feeling. I have lost over 35 lbs being on 10mg of ability.” – Sun N.Sand

“Since I started abilify I constantly feel hungry and just try to eat constantly! I have been on it maybe 4-5 months and have gained like 50 pounds I am trying to be more aware of what and when I’m eating but it’s not easy going!” – Caren

I didn’t gain weight, but be careful it made me compulsive”

“I had gambled one time in my life. I got on abilify and became a compulsive gambler. When I came off the abilify the desire to gamble went away immediately. My Dr said it causes compulsive behavior in some people.” – Stefani Petree Wagoner

“I went on it on December. My weight has dropped from 13 and a half stone to 11 and a half stone.
Before I was on Amisulpride, a high dose ( 700mg) as well as Lithium, Carbamazapeine and benzos. I found before I was over medicated, over sedated. So I never went out much.”

“However, I find Apiprozole nowhere near as sedating. This means I’m going out a lot more, doing a lot more walking, so my weight is gradually coming down.” – Shelley

I lost two stone naturally without any effort on Abilify coming off Olanzapine. I should probably add I’ve never been so stable on a medication to date it really did change my life I’m a totally different person on abilify I can function, my mania is under control and my emotions are relatively in check, my family see abilify as a wonder drug it really does give some lucky people such as my self a fresh chance in life it was definitely worth the risk and stress of changing medication….to date I’ve been on lithium twice for four years depakote for a year, olanzapine for 3 years and abilify so far 9 months!” – Tom Anthony

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