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Things To Be Grateful For In Life #1 – Waking Up In The Morning

We should all appreciate waking up in the morning. It’s a chance to breath new life, and another chance to conquer the things we’ve dreamed of (maybe we will conquer them today). Waking up in the morning gives us a bit of suspense because you don’t know what the day will bring. Maybe you’ll get that job offer or a call from someone special you met over the weekend. This is a new day that starts the moment you open your eyes. I think we all don’ appreciate, or just don’t understand, how a simple opening of the eyes sets things in motion for us. Your eyes open and your back into complete consciousness. You’re now ready to type those emails, make those phone calls, hit the gym, and consume the pasta waiting on the stove for you.

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Sunday July 21, 2019 – #begrateful

We wake up in the morning looking at the things we don’t have or wishing things were different (I mean better). I know I have personally wished things were better or I was ahead in the stuff I was doing. For example, better business or even more money in the bank. But let’s face it, things are exactly the way they are supposed to be. By this I mean, God has s plan for everyone, and my time hasn’t come to conquer the world. So, I think to myself instead of beating myself over the things that are missing, let’s appreciate the things I have RIGHT NOW i.e. (knowledge, people, blessings, health). You see I realized it’s harder to keep a smile on your face and your head up high if you keep putting yourself down. You (yourself) are supposed to be your biggest FAN (cheerleader), and if you aren’t cheering for yourself then don’t expect others to. So, it’s time to –

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Celebrities with Bipolar

Mariah Carey Reveals She Has Bipolar Disorder

Emotional mental conditions and the stress of daily life doesn’t simply take its toll on everyday individuals. It can strike anyone, regardless of their personality, lifestyle or income. This includes celebrities. Bipolar disorder is one that affects millions of Americans, including the recently revealed Mariah Carey. In a just-released interview, the entertainer opened up about her battle with the disorder and how she, like so many others, just lived in denial and believed if she didn’t accept it, she wouldn’t need to deal with it.

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Celebrities with Anxiety General Goals Success

Jennifer Lawrence And Her Battle With Social Anxiety

Celebrities often seem to live perfect lives. They have wealth, fans, and seemingly everything they might want. Photographs pop up showcasing their travels and what they do for fun or when away from a movie set or recording studio. However, underneath all the makeup, the status and the attention, every single celebrity is, in fact, human. They deal with the same issues everyday people experience on a daily basis. Some of these issues connect directly to anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games franchise has come out in recent months to discuss her own ongoing battle with social anxiety. Unlike many other celebrities who keep their personal conditions a secret in order to maintain an ideal appearance to the outside world, Jennifer Lawrence stands as one of the few celebrities with anxiety who openly and honestly discusses her condition, how it’s affected her, and what she’s done both in the past and currently to combat her anxiety.

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30 Common Cognitive Distortions – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

The brain continually processes information, whether a person is conscious of the fact or not. Much of this consists of signals sent to organs and areas of the body, to ensure functionality and maintain order. However, there are times where the brain attempts to convince a person of something that isn’t exactly true. From over analyzing an event to attempting to back up a bad decision with rational thought, nearly everyone experiences something known as a cognitive distortion.

Cognitive distortions do not fall under a one size fits all definition though. There are, in fact, many different variations of cognitive distortions. Identifying and understanding the most common variants can help an individual not only correct these distortions and prevent the mental distraction, but also learn why the brain acts as it does. Here are 30 of the most common cognitive distortions nearly any individual might experience in their given life.

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Heartbreaking Life Advice From 27-Year-Old Cancer Victim Goes Viral

Each day is truly a blessing. I sometimes forget and was reminded after reading this letter. I’ve shared it so all of you can read it and truly know how lucky you are. When living with Bipolar Disorder, we think of ourselves as having nothing and fail to appreciate how lucky we are.

This letter was written by a young cancer victim Holly Butcher. She was 27 years old :(. Here’s her letter in her own words…

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3 Career Options to Consider If You Want a Change

I know it can be hard to hold down a job when living with Bipolar Disorder. I was very fortunate enough to find my passion which was blogging. I’m more like a freelancer writing content on a contract basis. It helps pay my bills and I’m getting by just fine. However, through blogging I have been able to connect with different people and hear what they have to say. Even though, I’m a blogger, it’s important to keep my options open because you never know when things will shift leaving me in a tight spot. I do take time to explore other options and have come across a few awesome opportunities if your willing to put in some time and effort. Before I continue, here’s what so special about these opportunities –

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Extra Income

Survey Momma – Earn Money for Each Survey You Complete

I’m always looking for ways to make money from home. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I found it hard for me to settle into a job away from home. So, I started blogging online and tried to find new ways to earn money online. I’ve been freelancing for several years finding job on Problogger.com. Anyways, I want to review survey companies I’ve been introduced to over the years.

Lately, many of you have posted on my Facebook page asking for legitimate companies that allow you to complete paid surveys at home. It’s hard to know what’s legitimate and what’s not since there are so many different scams out there. I’ll be honest some are scams, but others do pay you for your opinion.

Survey Momma is a new survey company I’ve come across. They are 100% free to join. The company connects you with other survey companies that want to hear your opinion.

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Why Bipolar Disorder is So Hard to Diagnose, and What You Can Do About It

It’s weird because we’re so used to having clear-cut answers in life. When I would have a cold, I would go to the doctor and he would prescribe antibiotics. The point is he knew what’s wrong with me and what needed to be done to make me feel better. I know bipolar disorder is a lot more complicated and I wish it wasn’t. For starters, I had symptoms of bipolar for three years before even seeking help. It’s because I had no clue about bipolar disorder and never heard of it. My psychiatrist was the first one to tell me I was bipolar and I asked him – what does that mean? He then explained it in detail. After was the long journey of trying to find the right combination of medications compatible with me. Medications with the least side-effects. At the same time, I started a lengthy research process on trying to find out as much as possible about bipolar disorder. It was a hard reading about a mental illness with no cure. A mental illness which takes time for you to find an equal ground or – find stability.

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Inspirational Quotes

October 5th, 2017: Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

Inspiration and motivation – ThinkGrowProsper 

Our own beliefs limit us! You need to know it’s mind over matter and you have the power to change everything. You have the power to remove every limitation you are faced with. You have the power to be completely free!

The difference between those who are happy and those that are not is the following –

Happy people know they can conquer everything. They remove every limitation by changing their mindset. Unhappy people look for external reasons to make them happy. They look for external factors to remove the limitations in their lives.

Every morning repeat the following three times – I have the power to change my beliefs, my surroundings, and my life.  

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